Monica VS Brandy the Verzuz we’ve been anticipating.

Let’s start out with saying how excited I am to even see these two Queens coming together. So let’s talk about their verzuz battle. 1.2 million people tuned in to see these women battle each other. They started out with honoring the late great Chadwick Boseman. They talked about how he was into the arts and as they were talking you could see the Wakanda forever and crown emojis popping up in the chats. He was greatly loved and he will be greatly missed. Next they had a surprise guest appearance from the Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris. They talked a bit about how it is so important to vote in this election. The first song was from Brandy which was What About Us from her Full Moon album. Monica hit back with Everything To Me. I must admit that I went crazy for both songs. Fast forward a few songs and I come upon a comment during the song Full Moon by Brandy being played. Lil Mo says that she wanted that to be her song so bad. I know that sometimes songs are given to other artists to see who fits it or wants it. U Should’ve Known Better was sung live for the last few seconds. Missing You was dedicated to all the people that we had lost this year and prior years as well. I learned so many new things about the artists, such as Monica being 12 years old when she recorded her first album. The two women seemed to apologize for whatever happened in the past which contributed to the beef that we all know of. I want to say the love, support and positive attitudes that these women are portraying is absolutely beautiful. Once again like I said when it was Jill Scott and Erykah Badu its what we needed. Monica dropped her new single Trenches. When they came back from the break Monica talked about how she is fighting for C-Murders’ release from prison. The same situation that she was called out by Master P for, who also later apologized to her for what he said. Even though she didn’t don the shirt, she had her team with Free C-Murder shirts on. Brandy played B7 off of her new album that had the hit single Baby Mama. Both women seem to have a catalog that everyone enjoys. Monica and brandy really enjoying each other’s music. The two were bobbing and feeling the music. Brandy even asked Monica to teach her how to click her tongue. It’s amazing seeing these two women who started in the industry so young still being as relevant as they are today. They stopped the Verzuz for a second to talk about how can we change what is going on. they started to singing what I think was a Change is Gonna Come. We also learned about Money notes from Brandy which are the high notes in the song. The moment when the boy is mine was played was the biggest part of the night. Brandy said that the song was missing Monica and that is why she asked her to be a part of it. This song is where some people got the idea that they were feuding. Let’s be honest that’s what we all had been waiting for. It’s almost too hard to choose a winner. Is it possible to call a draw? I will have to declare the winner to be Monica, only because she showed hits from the 90’s up until the late 2000’s. I definitely enjoyed this Verzuz battle and can’t wait to see what both of these ladies have in store for us in the future.

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