QAnon: Is This The Most Dangerous Cult?

Lizard people masquerading as politicians, Obama being a drag queen and 5G spreading coronavirus. These are just a few of the conspiracies that QAnon members believe. Our president supports them and politicians who are part of QAnon have been winning primaries. So what is this cult or “qult”? If you search google it will come up as being a far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring is plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling them, leading to a “day of reckoning” involving the mass arrest of journalists and politicians.

So where did this group of conspiracy theorists originate from? In October of 2017 the 4chan user named Q came up with this theory of Democrats being in a pedophile ring at a DC pizza restaurant. He caused what we now call Pizza Gate. This user has gone from posting on message boards to developing an app where he updates his followers with new and crazier conspiracy theories. At this point no one is sure whether or not Q is still one person or a group of people.

Their most recent conspiracy theories are that there would be mass arrests on September 11th and that ANTIFA is responsible for the wildfires currently raging in California and are doing this so that we can become a dictatorship. There is no merit to any of these claims, but for some reason his base believes every word. When you look at the main page for Q on 8chan you will see a lot of anti Semitic rhetoric. Examples of this are articles talking about how Jews are eating babies and that they have an internet task force called the Jewish Internet Task Force. They believe that there are Jewish people who are scouring the internet so that they can report anything anti Semitic.

The most important question is why do people believe these theories? In an article about conspiracy theories on the scientific American site a survey was conducted and they found that these conspiracies bring comfort to its believers. You can read more here. I believe that the people who are sucked into this cult just needed something to believe in that would make sense as the reason why Donald Trump is hated so much.

Qult members are bringing a lot of stress to their families and friends. There is a group on Reddit called QAnonCasualties where people whose loved ones are deep into the Q cult. Some of these people are being terrorized by their Q partners. It has gotten to the point where spouses are considering divorce because they have gone deep down the rabbit hole. Some people are trying to deal with parents who believe these conspiracies. It’s sad to see them not know how to deal with seeing their loved ones slipping further and further a away from them. One poster has been married for 17 years and her husband got into the QAnon and started talking bad about immigrants and uneducated Americans because they couldn’t understand him at the drive thru. Plot twist he’s actually from Europe. One poster from the UK says her father has become very anti-BLM and anti-liberal media. It worries the poster that he’s always on his phone looking at conspiracy theories. Another poster says his wife is very much into QAnon. So much that all she does all day is sit around smoking weed and waiting for Q to drop a new alert. He is considering divorcing her.

What started as a person spouting conspiracy theories on the internet has turned into something so dangerous that it is effecting families and has reached other countries. People that have believed in QAnon have committed mass murders such as the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting back in 2018. The Walmart shooting in El Paso back in 2019 was believed to be caused by a cult member of QAnon after a racist post was submitted to 8chan by the shooter. On TikTok there are videos of QAnon members who say that a civil war is coming and that they are ready for it. This cult is very dangerous and if you have a loved one that’s in it, you need to try your best to continue debunking all of the theories. This literally could mean life or death.

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