Parler: The New Conservative Safe Space.

When I first began my investigation for this article I knew that I would see things that would probably make me uncomfortable, worried and even mad. My mind could not prepare me for what I was getting ready to delve into. I also want to clarify that not everyone on Parler is a bad person, but there seem to be many more bad people than good.

Let’s talk about Parler for a second. This social media app was created by John Matze and Jared Thomson in 2018. Parler is marketed to be an app where you can use “free speech” and not have any of the consequences of being banned and or censored. Sadly the people who have flocked to it are Trump supporters, QAnon, bigots and racists.

So even after knowing what and who is on there, I made my fake profile and grabbed a photo that I usually see Conservatives and Trump supporters use in their profiles. I followed the Conservative and Trump fan pages and echoed a few posts so that I wouldn’t stick out with a blank profile. I started out combing through the Million MAGA March page. They were mostly talking about the election and how it was allegedly stolen from Trump. They Echoed articles from unverified sources that had many falsehoods about the election. Some people were calm about their purpose. Others were extremely passionate to the point of them voicing how they want to fight. You can tell by some of their posts that there is literally nothing that Trump can do that will make them withdraw their support.

The dangerous thing about their loyalty to Trump is that they are blindly following a man who knows the influence that he has with his words. If he was to say “All the Democrats need to die because they are traitors!” there are people who will actually gear up and be ready for war. That could mean a lot more innocent lives being lost for no apparent reason.

Below I have a video of different screenshots of conversations on the site.

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