Brunching in the DMV: Provost

Bottomless Mimosas, great conversation and delicious food is what brunch is all about. Brunching in the DMV will be a blog series that explores the different restaurants here in the DMV and of course their brunch.

The first entry into the series is about the Black Owned restaurant in Washington, D.C. named Provost. This eatery sits quietly on the busy Rhode Island nestled in between a clothing store and a natural hair salon. This restaurant has been open for about three years now starting in 2019. I’ve always seen this restaurant and had wanted to go there since it opened but never got the chance, that is until Saturday Afternoon.

A visit from a friend turned into “Hey, do you want to go and get brunch?” She suggested that we go to Provost. We arrived 2 minutes later due to me living super close to the establishment. When you first walk in I noticed how clean the area was. They had nice cabinet display with crystals and other items and a huge geode that sat on the other side of the bar.

Our server’s name was YaYa and she was absolutely professional and a wonderful host. She gave my friend and I space to enjoy ourselves while still being attentive to our needs. One interesting thing that they have is the menu can be brought up on your mobile device from a QR Code. This is a great idea for them to have during Covid. No germs are being spread by multiple people touching the same menus. We started off with Bottomless mimosas which were very tasty. It was a perfect blend of champagne and orange juice.

Mimosa from Provost

We ordered our food maybe 7 minutes later. I went with the chicks and waffles dish. Which consisted of two pieces of chicken on top of a Belgian waffle with syrup and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. My friend went with the Salmon, salad, scrambled eggs, grits with cheese and coffee with heavy whipping cream. They even have their own homemade hot sauce that was delectable. The waffle was fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The chicken was juicy and cooked to perfection. You could tell that they seasoned and cooked the food with love. I kept dipping my chicken in the hot sauce. Just to emphasize on how good that sauce was.

Chicks and Waffles
The 4oz Salmon filet, salad, soft scrambled eggs and grits with cheese.

Provost also offers Hookah at night time. If you want to go somewhere and have great food and hookah this will be your spot to find that.

My overall experience was amazing! I had a lot of fun having conversations about different things with my friend while drinking mimosas in a relaxing environment. This is a restaurant that I will definitely be patronizing again. Thank you Provost for giving us an amazing experience with food.

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