Brunching in the DMV: Suge’s Sexy Brunch Soiree Review

Sexy and Brunch are two words that I never would have thought of putting together. That’s what Suge’s Sexy Brunch Soiree at Golf Ultra Lounge in Silver Spring, MD. The Lounge is not very far from the Silver Spring Metro Station. The Bae and I decided to support my former co-host of Not Your Normal Discussion and his new business venture. We also were making a Valentine’s Day date out of this event. We purchased our tickets online from Eventbrite. We chose the $65 which included the all you can eat buffet and bottomless Mimosas. When we walked into the venue it was clean, smelled good and made you feel like you were walking into a beautiful jungle in Africa.

The venue and event is 420 friendly and there were people smoking. So if that’s not your cup of tea then this may not be the event for you. Suge’s Sexy Brunch was catered by Corryn whose Instagram is @202mizzthugflowerz and the music was played by DJ YC his Instagram is @dj.yc. The live entertainment was by an artist by the name of Shakur you can follow him on Instagram @sh4kurrnb.

So let’s start with the Pro’s of this event. Like I said before the venue is beautiful. They even had sections that were spaced out. Most of you guys know how I am about Covid. I was able to dress sexy for our date.

The DJ had great music playing and kept us entertained with music that my Millennial self could vibe to.

The Mimosas were good and had a good orange juice to champagne ratio.


The food was absolutely amazing! We ordered the fried chicken with Mumbo sauce, pasta salad, cornbread, mac and cheese, beef bacon, eggs and fried shrimp. Everything especially the chicken, mac and cheese and sweetcake cornbread was absolutely delicious.

Fried chicken with Mumbo sauce and Mac and cheese
Pasta salad
Fried shrimp
Beef bacon and eggs
Sweet cake Cornbread

The Live entertainment by Shakur was awesome too. He gave a great show and kept us entertained with his performance.

Now for the Con’s. When we arrived at the 1pm when the event is supposed to start, the hosts of the event had just entered the building as well. We sat without mimosas until about 2pm and didn’t get the first portion of our food until about 4:19pm. Mind you this was 19 minutes after the event was supposed to end. A couple times our mimosas were just straight orange juice. When we let them know a woman came to me and told me that there was alcohol in the Mimosas. I had to politely let her know “No, I promise you there is no alcohol in these drinks.” She took them and brought back more Orange Juice. We felt like we payed for bottomless mimosas and not Orange Juice that I have at home. It was eventually corrected, but nonetheless still annoying. The women’s bathroom definitely needs to be fixed. Only one stall had a door and the stall with a door didn’t close all the way and the toilet didn’t flush. Even though the food was amazing my only problem was that there were hairs in it. I want to say that I met the chef and they weren’t her hairs, but the hairs of the woman who brought back the orange juice calling them Mimosas. All of the food that was on the menu was not available and I really wanted those French Toast Waffles.

Overall we did have a nice time at the brunch. Suge did talk to us and apologized for everything that happened. We understood that it wasn’t him and that it was mainly the establishment that messed up. We are hoping that the next time which would be a redo and hopefully a better looking review of a potentially amazing event.

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