Love Vibes Tape Part 1 Review

If you haven’t heard of DMV Rapper Shakur then you have been missing out on a one of a kind musical artist.

If you have never heard of Shakur here’s a little backstory about him. This 24 year old rapper who started his craft at the age of ten has been mastering his craft for 14 years. Shakur comes from a family of entertainers, singers and artists. He’s influenced by artists such as Eminem, Tupac, Nas, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, David Grohl, Bobby Brown and Bryson Tiller. He’s inspired by other artists like himself. Shakur is also inspired when he sees other artists just pushing art forward in different ways and he wants to be a part of that. This inspired him him to write and create music that he hopes one day the world can listen to.

Now that I’ve filled you in on who this artist is let’s get to his project Love Vibes Tape Part. 1. This is an album that’s going to give you everything from r&b vibes, hip hop and even reggae. It consists of 10 songs which includes a bonus track and you’ll definitely be instantly hooked from the first track.

The mixture of singing and rapping in the albums tracks shows how well Shakur can blend both of his talents together to make exactly what his album is called Love Vibes. My favorite 3 tracks are Cherie, Heartache and Honestly. This project also reminds me of Drake’s first album Thank Me Later and his fourth album Views. You can tell he’s keeping up with the way that music is being created while putting in his own personal style.

I cannot wait to hear the second part of this album. I’m sure it’ll blow me away harder than this one did. You can purchase his album Love Vibes Part 1. on Apple Music. Don’t forget to follow shakur at Sh4kurrnb where you can also follow the link in his bio in order to purchase the album. Thank you for letting me review this amazing piece of work.

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