Metrobar: DC Themed Bar With Good Vibes

Nestled in between the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater and apartment complex on Rhode Island Ave is the outdoor bar called the Metrobar. You can follow them at @metrobardc.

This bar has its specialty when it comes to its DC themed drinks that will surely bring out the Washingtonian in everyone! It has big luxurious couches on one side and wooden tables on the other. The actual bar was nice and quaint and had three amazing and welcoming bartenders. They consisted of Greg the bar manager @mrfleming2nd @mr_plantender, Ylia @ylia_june and @aalcoholicsanonymous. If you want to go somewhere and have drinks, have loads of laughs or have great conversations this is the spot that you need to visit.

Our first drink was the Ward 5 which tasted like a spiked pink lemonade without the bitterness of lemonade. It was so smooth and refreshing in the 90 degree heat.

My second drink was the Metro Fashioned which is their take on the old fashioned. This was the best old fashioned that I’ve ever had. It was strong without being too strong and I was able to still taste the other blended ingredients. We also tried the Green Line Gimlet this drink will definitely make you pucker in the best way and the lime aftertaste was *Chefs Kiss*.

Next we tried the absolutely beautiful drink the FLOTUS Bouquet. This was a purple drink that had a mint leaf in it and was refreshing and sweet. The last drink that I had was the Third Rail Shandy. If you know me you know I’m not that into beer but if I had to choose something with beer in it it would be this one. The whisky, IPL, and the pineapple-thyme lemonade is a great combination especially during the summertime.

We were also given salt and pepper and buttery white cheddar popcorn that went well with the drinks that we ordered. You can usually get food from one of the food trucks that are parked outside the venue.

Being at Metrobar is like going to your cousins house to relax and joke around and not be judged. Thank you to the staff for making us feel at home and giving us amazing service!


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