Nature Calls: Spring Book Review

It’s not often that I find a book that takes me to another world m, but I will say that Nature Calls: Spring is definitely one of those books.

Let me introduce you to the author. J. Alleyn Winchester is a black transgender author and former cohost of Not Your Normal Discussion located in Virginia. Nature Calls is his second published book. Artemis of the Dodekatheon was his debut novel and a definite rollercoaster ride.

Nature Calls: Spring is the first of many in the collection of books. In this coming of age story, we follow the characters Jaime, Chelsea, Flora, Jake and Leif. We are taken to a whimsical world, where we find fey, humans and more.

Our story starts with Jaime meeting Flora our Fey character at their high school called Ambrose High located in the fictional town of Moonshine. She meets flora in class as the new girl who has enrolled in the school after the winter break.

Before I go any further I want to talk about how descriptive the storytelling is when it comes to the look of the characters and places in the moonshine. I love how nature magic is being discussed within the plot of the story.

My favorite chapter is Chaos of the Elements. This is when I feel is the prequel to the big events in the book. Another of the Fey characters named Gust is trying to reach Leif and figure out his own issues.

This is an amazing creative story and an easy read. I recommend this book especially if your into Fey, Nature Magic, fantasy and action.


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