Nature Calls: Spring Book Review

It’s not often that I find a book that takes me to another world m, but I will say that Nature Calls: Spring is definitely one of those books. Let me introduce you to the author. J. Alleyn Winchester is a black transgender author and former cohost of Not Your Normal Discussion located in Virginia. Nature Calls is his second published book. Artemis of the Dodekatheon was his debut novel and a definite rollercoaster ride. Nature Calls: Spring is the first of many in the collection of books. In this coming of age story, we follow the characters Jaime, Chelsea, … Continue reading Nature Calls: Spring Book Review

GiGi and Nate is A Heartwarming Story About A Man and His Service Animal Monkey.

Gigi and Nate in the shortest way to describe the plot is about a man named Nate who suffers a bought of meningitis after taking a high dive into the lake during Fourth of July holiday. He then becomes a quadriplegic who receives a service animal that’s a female capuchin monkey named GiGi. This heartwarming story starts four years after his near fatal illness. Now 22 years old Nate is wheelchair bound and in a deep depression. After he tries to commit suicide his mother calls the cespa company who provides the service animals to disabled individuals. Next he is … Continue reading GiGi and Nate is A Heartwarming Story About A Man and His Service Animal Monkey.

Metrobar: DC Themed Bar With Good Vibes

Nestled in between the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater and apartment complex on Rhode Island Ave is the outdoor bar called the Metrobar. You can follow them at @metrobardc. This bar has its specialty when it comes to its DC themed drinks that will surely bring out the Washingtonian in everyone! It has big luxurious couches on one side and wooden tables on the other. The actual bar was nice and quaint and had three amazing and welcoming bartenders. They consisted of Greg the bar manager @mrfleming2nd @mr_plantender, Ylia @ylia_june and @aalcoholicsanonymous. If you want to go somewhere and have drinks, … Continue reading Metrobar: DC Themed Bar With Good Vibes

Love Vibes Tape Part 1 Review

If you haven’t heard of DMV Rapper Shakur then you have been missing out on a one of a kind musical artist. If you have never heard of Shakur here’s a little backstory about him. This 24 year old rapper who started his craft at the age of ten has been mastering his craft for 14 years. Shakur comes from a family of entertainers, singers and artists. He’s influenced by artists such as Eminem, Tupac, Nas, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, David Grohl, Bobby Brown and Bryson Tiller. He’s inspired by other artists like himself. Shakur is also inspired when he … Continue reading Love Vibes Tape Part 1 Review